Subway: Eat Fresh - Monster Jogger

These monsters were made as classic clay characters in a modern world. We thought the flexibility of clay allowed us to articulate their real emotions with a comedic, almost childish, honesty and imagination. The set was based on our studio's neighborhood, allowing for these outlandish monsters to stand out in a very real environment.

Once we worked out the details and mannerisms of Lenny, we continued to experiment with camera moves to make the spots as cinematic as possible: So for instance, while Lenny is a bright orange monster, we didn’t let that stop us from cutting-in tight for a close-up, and using different camera perspectives to add depth and interest to the action.

We played around with several variants of the storyline, and also created a toned down version, in which Lenny makes the leap from a steady menu of garbage to a healthier diet of fresh food. The urban set, which was inspired by the studio's neighborhood, also contrasts with Lenny’s gruff exterior, and that of his less-sophistical monster friend, Blue.

We did several variants on monsters with fresh people - in one, Lenny is addicted to garbage, but has decided to eat fresh. He was a bit less scary in that one. The outtakes just came to us as we worked.... We really enjoyed doing the voices for Lenny and Blue (especially Lenny's talking with his mouth full and Blue's ravenous growling).