Ad Council: Running is Not Forever

The Ad Council came to us with a real story of suicide prevention and we gave it visual life. Our team broke out into silicon character-design and sculpting, set building and CGI, both for the "paper" and backdrops.

While it was challenging to explore this particular topic through verbal and visual storytelling, we had an immediate sense that the ideal way to reach teens was using a collage of stop-motion, 3D CGI and traditional 2D animation. We were able to bring the reality of this story together with the imagination of a young adult.

We worked the time-of-day and angle of light change as our protagonist walks us through his story. We open in the late afternoon with him on the school steps then we see him running in less light, as the sun continues to go down; and we conclude in the special "magic hour" that photographers and filmmakers love to utilize; the sun at a low-angle below the clouds. All of this is part of our work creating an entire world, both overblown yet naturalistic.