Ad Council: Running is Not Forever


The Ad Council recently entrusted Charged Studios with the challenge of creating a powerful PSA that tackles the issue of teen depression. Using a mix of 2D and 3D animation, we created a captivating spot that relates to its demographic and conveys this important message.

Our team began the process of crafting the various elements needed to executive the story, such as the silicon character-design, sculpture, set building and CGI. Each detail is key to creating an entire world, that’s overblown – yet at the same time naturalistic.

Since the spot unfolds outside during the course of a day, we paid careful attention to the angle of light as the day progressed. When the spot opens it’s late afternoon as a ‘student’ appears on the school steps. Then we see this animated character running as daylight begins to fade. The sun continues to go down - meeting the horizon - recreating that "magical hour" that live-action photographers and filmmakers love to capture.

Adam Pierce directed the national spot, helming a complete team of talent, which included a DP, director of animation, stop-motion animators, 2D Flash animators, 3D artists, a lead and assistant compositor, a puppet designer/sculptor, a puppet fabricator, costume designer and set fabricator.