stop motion

Stop motion (also known as stop action) an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Clay figures are often used in stop motion for their ease of repositioning. Motion animation using clay is called clay animation or clay-mation. (def. courtesy of WIkipedia)

Adam took his first animation class at the age of eight, at the Charles River Creative Arts Program, in Dover, MA. He never stopped animating. You may have seen his pre-Charged work on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch or Fox’s The PJs. Over the past 30 years he’s honed his abilities to the point of master craftsmanship, often being asked to supervise or consult on other animators’ projects, guiding them through a particular motion or shot.

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