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Keeping Busy at Charged

We recently did some projects for, addressing the ethos-lacking journalistic practices of Rupert Murdoch, some radio spots organizing citizens around the Deficit fight; and today we're shooting and editing a TV spot in which some very young people deliver the MoveOn membership's 10-point plan for Rebuilding the American Dream.

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"Falling Up" Wins Brooklyn Film Festival Short Award!

Djuna Wahlrab's "Falling Up," created over two years at Charged Studios, won the Brooklyn International Film Festival's Audience Award after screening on  Wednesday, June 8 and Sunday the 12.

Djuna, a longtime awesome person in Charged Studios' stable of creators, as an animator and motion graphics designer, worked on "Falling Up" in-house as part of our Artist-in-Residence program.

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The Brady Campaign

Fenton calls upon Charged Studios to Produce A High-Impact Spot For The Brady Campaign Targeting The Prevention Of Gun Violence

A new 30-second spot for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, produced by Charged Studios, challenges the phrase “Guns don’t kill people, people do.” Delivering a no-holds-barred message against those slippery semantics, the spot asserts a strong opening argument: “A magazine that allows a gun to fire 32 shots in 16 seconds is only good for one thing: killing a lot of people – fast."

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"We Won't Go Back" Strikes a Chord with News Media Organizations

Last week Charged snapped into action to make MoveOn's "We Won't Go Back" featuring Lisa Edelsteinvideo, an elegant beautiful statement for the org to take on attempted policy changes re: rape and abortion healthcare.

The spot, being broadcast nationally, has been making serious waves in the news, including:


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"Vertigo Egg" Safety Intro is Featured on the Ad Council Site

Directed by Adam Pierce,  Charged Studios' "Vertigo Egg" is now posted at the head of their Safety Awards reel, by the Ad Council.

Check out:

Everyone at Charged is rightfully proud of this short film - having had a hand in it from evolving the concept through set construction, frame-by-frame grab and a beautiful job in post.


Intro Video

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Charged Holiday Party!

"Vertigo Egg" Debuted at Ad Council Annual Awards

McCann Erickson and the Ad Council recently enlisted our studios' help to make a short film. We created this spot for the Advertising Council's 57th Annual Public Service Awards Dinner; shown publicly for the first time on Nov. 17, 2010. The spot, directed by Adam Pierce, produced by Mike Landry, and shot by Chadwick Davidson on his Red camera, not only wows, but is a great example of our ability to integrate stop-motion, live-action, and digital design. [MORE]

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Save the Future Makes Waves

"Save the Future" spot, created with, makes waves in both industry press, including...[click for more]

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A Message from the Future, and you're in it!


Charged Studios poured our full efforts into this video message to prevent a grim future ruled by Republicorp.  We spent days upon hours creating the technology that made this message possible and are proud to showcase the result.  Click the link, enter some info and listen to your message from Olivia Wilde.

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